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Peter Edgerton's biography

Peter Edgerton was born in Liverpool, England and spent his childhood 12 miles to the North of the city in the suburb of Aughton.

Surrounded by the sounds of the country's most musical city, Peter was influenced greatly by many different styles but always especially drawn to acoustic instruments. Having learned the basics of guitar playing at the age of eighteen, he began to play cover versions in bars, performing songs ranging from The Everlys to The Rolling Stones to Sandy Denny.

A turning point came for Peter when he was at a party aged nineteen. He'd begun to improvise on the guitar and began singing a lyric spontaneously over some very simple chords. None of the guests would believe that the song had been composed there and then and Peter realized that he had a capacity for song writing.

From then on it was a question of visiting folk clubs-sometimes travelling 4/5 hours-for the opportunity to play a couple of self-penned songs in order to see how they cut up live. Of course in the folk club environment, Peter was also able to observe some of the country's finest performers, and becoming ever more aware of the importance of stagecraft in the world of music.

Spells living in the south of England-West Sussex and, later, Norwich-enabled Peter to reach new audiences, the majority of his then appearances being on an amateur basis. Leaving Norwich(and the group he had formed there)to return to Liverpool, Peter briefly joined forces with well-known local musician Chris Layhe, playing gigs around the city and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as an acoustic duo. After this partnership split, Peter continued to appear at folk clubs/festivals in the North West(spending many nights at The Bothy and Maghull folk clubs)by this time often playing on a semi-professional basis. He also had a part-time job working for Lancashire County Council as a peripatetic teacher of musical composition, especially in the field of song writing. This job entailed travelling the length of the county visiting schools and colleges giving classes to children aged 5 to 18.

Things by this time were going very well, but Peter decided he'd like to live abroad and after 6 months on the West coast of Canada, intuitively felt that Spain would be a great destination. His intuition proved correct as everything fell easily into place on his arrival in Málaga.

After teaching English for18 months ,and playing music at night in the bars, such was the success of his performances that Peter was able to leave the classes and earn a good living from music.

He recorded some of his own songs on an 8-track recorder at home which led to interest from M80 radio and subsequently various appearances on 'La Gramola´' with Joaquín Gúzman. The sales of the recording were also sufficient to enable Peter's second c.d. in Spain, 'On An Ordinary Night', to be recorded in a professional studio.